CANCER STORY: Success & Hard Truth

Bone Cancer: Six Months to Live

Yet Ten Years Have Passed He is Still Fine

Raju (not real name), a male of 66 years, suffered from cancer of an undetermined origin. The cancer had spread to his backbone. His spine, T8, was eroded. His case was referred to two specialists overseas but no one was able to determine where the origin was. Raju had undergone chemotherapy but he gave that up after one cycle. He had six radiation treatments after which he remained confined to the deck chair unable to move for about two months. Raju’s son said: “They told me that my father had Stage 4 cancer. They told me to get his will done and gave him about 6 months to live. We got that done – the will and the bank account.” It is now 2009 and Raju is till doing fine! Listen what Raju himself has got to say …

Raju’s son came to seek our help on 17 December 1999. He told us that his father had backaches and was on morphine, 30 mg twice daily. He was unable to lie down flat to sleep. So all day and night, he had to sit and sleep on a deck chair. He had a poor appetite and was tired. Both of his legs were swollen. Raju was constipated and had burning sensations in the chest. We prescribed Raju some herbs: Capsule A, Bone Tea and C-tea.

After one week on the herbs, Raju personally came with his son to our Centre. He told us that the herbs were helpful. However, Raju was not happy with the bitter taste of the herbs. Chris told him: Uncle Raju, healing needs inputs and sacrifices from you. It does not come easy. We have given you the best that we have! The rest is your responsibility.

It was a great surprise for us to see Raju again on 30 December 1999. This time, he walked confidently into our Centre all by himself, without any help. He looked great. He told us that there were less pains and the morphine intake was reduced to 15 mg twice daily and then to 15 mg once a day. His appetite was very good. He was able to lie down flat and sleep. There was no more swelling in both his legs. His bowel movements were back to normal and the burning sensations in his chest had disappeared.

Chris asked Raju if the bitterness of the herbs was worth the price to pay. Raju gave a broad and satisfying smile.

From that day on, Raju was on his healing path. After two months on the herbs, he was able to walk around the neighbourhood. One month later, he could follow his son to Ipoh (a town about 200 km away) to visit relatives. After eight months on the herbs, he could take a bus ride by himself to come out to town. Later he visited India with his family.

On 26 April 2001, one year and four months later, Raju shared his experiences with us. This video-taped interview was done a week before Raju was to go to India for a second visit.