CANCER STORY: Success & Hard Truth

Be An Exceptional Patient, Not A Statistic


In giving the prognosis, doctors are only relying on statistics. Their words are based on what literature says in terms of average. Statistical averages do not necessarily apply to you, especially if you are a patient with a strong desire to win and help yourself. Statistical average does not take into account exceptional patients. If you give up and have no desire to hang on and seek healing, you become a part of that statistic. So, you have a choice to prove that in your case the statistic is wrong!

Never Give Up!

Over the years I have seen many thousands of cancer patients. Most of them were medically written off cases. Doctors call them terminal patients. I have come to believe that for as long as you are still breathing, know that there is still hope, even if doctors tell you that there is no hope. Hang on and do not give up. A person with no hope cannot live. He withers and dies. Of course, some people want to die and are looking for a “better” way to die. If that is so, we cannot help you. But if you want to live, then I say to you do not give up. In the beginning, I have heard of people accusing me that I am trying to raise “false hopes.” Of course, if in trying to give people hope, I suck them dry of their families’ life-savings, I would imagine that it would be a great sin. In a situation where patients have no other avenues and no hope, where is the fault of trying to give people hope. In fact, I am saying to these critics that there is no such thing as false hope, but there is such a thing as FALSE no hope.

In short, what I am saying is that, “the no hope” that you are told can be false. Do not believe it. I say this because my experiences show me that “no hope” or voodoo curses have often been proven wrong. I have written many cases of miraculous healing of cancer in my books, Cancer Success Stories: Book 1 and 2. Let me give you some examples of cancer patients who are supposed to die yet they live!

Gan was diagnosed with liver cancer. There was a big mass in his liver. According to medical literature, those with untreated liver cancers would live an average of six months. In addition to that, I know of patients who died and had gone through much suffering after undergoing chemotherapy treatment. Gan did not go for any medical treatment and yet he remained alive for more than two years. In fact, Gan led a happy life, free of discomforts. Gan did not become a statistic. He lived and he was the exceptional patient that I am talking about.

Goh was a 73-year old man. He had colon cancer that had spread to the liver. He was in the hospital for about two months and the doctors refused to see him while on their ward rounds. His son described him as “thin like a living skeleton.” He could hardly walk. The family brought him home and made him a coat in anticipation of his death. His son told me that the coat was supposed to go “with him into the coffin”. With God’s grace and mercy, Goh did not die as expected. When I met him for the first time in October 2000, he said he was healthier than before he had cancer.

Betsy was a 75-year old lady. She had anaplastic thyroid cancer. The surgeon tried to remove the tumor but had to abort the operation. It was not possible to resect the tumor without killing her. Her son came to seek our help. For many years Betsy lead a life which the doctor said was free of cancer. Routine medical checks do not indicate that the cancer was coming back. She was strong and led a normal happy life. According to medical literature, this type of cancer is very aggressive and at most, patients survive for only six months. I met Betsy in November 2001. She started taking the herbs in August 1999. Again, I wish to say Betsy is not a statistic. The law of average does not apply to her.

Peter had kidney cancer. He was on oral chemo-drugs. His life was miserable. He could not eat nor sleep well. Life was very uncertain indeed. Then one day, he fainted three times. Where do you see hope in this case? Peter came to see us in August 1999. He was elated to see so many friendly and smiling faces at our Centre and these are cancer patients. He did not see cancer in these people’s faces. To Peter that first visit to our centre, was an encouraging beginning. Indeed, it was a great start, for today Peter is free of cancer. I met Peter in July 2000 and again in September 2006. He is doing well!

Be assured that all I have said are true. These people tell their stories which are recorded and are on VCDs. As a reminder, let me say that all healings are not from us. It is only our hands but it is God who heals. So let us give thanks to the Almighty One for such wonderful blessings.

Let me end this discussion by quoting a prayer by Reinhold Niebuhr: “O God, give me the strength to change that which can be changed, the courage to accept that which cannot be changed, and the wisdom to tell which one from the other.”