CANCER STORY: Success & Hard Truth

After Two Surgeries and Chemotherapy

He Turned to Herbs and Live


Dass is a 46-year old male. He had problems of irregular bowel movements. Sometimes he had to empty his bowels twice a day, sometimes once every two to three days. The stools were often hard and caused pains. Eventually, he lost his appetite. The food seemed unable to go down the stomach, and even eating a bit of food made him feel full.

Dass had dragged on with this problem for over four years. But the last year was more serious – he suffered pains and the stools were black and bloodstained. Then, one night he had severe stomach pain. He saw a GP who took many X-rays of the abdomen. The doctor advised him to see a specialist immediately. An operation was done the following day.

The surgeon removed a tennis-ball-sized tumor from his colon. After that he underwent chemotherapy. Everything was alright after the treatment. He continued with his routine monthly check-up.

In December 1997, Dass suffered pains again in the abdomen and he coughed non-stop. The doctor told Dass that he had a recurrent cancer. He underwent a second operation. The doctor then told Dass to go for another session of chemotherapy but he refused. He came to CA Care for herbs in January 1998 and was started on herbs.

After one week on the herbs, his appetite improved and he felt better. And up to this day (March 2009), i.e., 11 years on the herbs, Dass is still in good health and doing well. He retired from being a school gardener and now become a driving school instructor.


Although Dass is not an educated man he is wise and has a great deal of common sense. In the first instance, the chemo-treatment did not cure Dass at all. Many people who would still go for more and more chemotherapy after a recurrence. They consider chemotherapy as a safer path to take.

When Dass suffered a recurrence after just completing his chemotherapy he took a different path. He knew chemotherapy could not help him.