CANCER ! Don’t panic !

Haste is from the Devil ~ Arab saying.

Why do you visit this website? We believe you are seeking information to enable you or your loved ones to make certain decisions about his/her cancer. Our advice is: Read as much as possible. Gather information from different sources. Cast your net wider and read what others from different disciplines have to say about the same subject. Get out of the box and view your problem in a different light. Often, in the face of fear, hopelessness and panic we forget to use our commonsense. Calm down. A decision made in haste or under pressure is never a good decision. Remember, you don’t get cancer just only yesterday .

My definition of cancer quackery is the deliberate misapplication of a diagnostic or treatment procedure in a patient with cancer … The culprit who victimizes his fellow man suffering from cancer … all the while greedily enriching himself, is a quack, a criminal, a jackal among men who deserves the scorn and ostracism of society ~ James Holland, M.D., oncologist.

Insanity - doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results ... Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex and more violent. It takes a touch of genius - a lot of courage - to move in the opposite direction ~ Albert Einstein.

The CA Care Therapy

Almost all patients who come have undergone medical treatments and they could not find their cure. CA Care was their last resort. All patients who come to us are told the following:

You must believe in what we do and give total commitment to what you want to do. There is no half measure.

We are not anti-doctors or anti-modern medicine. We tell you to seek proper medical opinions first. Listen to what the oncologists say and evaluate them.

Eat rightly. There is no such thing as you can eat anything you like!

We ask you to seek the help of Spirituality. Lead a physically stress-free and an emotionally-clogged-free life. Exercise and meditate. Qi gong, tai chi, etc. can keep you fit.

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Herbal Therapy

In my 16 years dealing with herbs for cancer, I have collected enough data to prove that herbal therapy is beneficial and effective for cancer. Over the overs I have formulated over 200 different herbal teas to help cancer patients. Read our blog to know what these herbs can do for you! I am aware that millions of dollars are being spent on cancer research each year in America and other advanced countries. For me to tell you that some roadside weeds – yes, roadside weeds – can bring relief and make you live again sound foolish! To the educated mind this sounds like a hoax, fraud or hocus pocus! I was once a professor and I have not given up being a scientist. I stand by what I have learned, found and said.

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Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy

There is no such thing as you can eat anything you like! One patient said: I prefer to die with a full stomach rather than die and become a hungry ghost later. Our therapy is not for such people. We ask to take care of your diet. Dr.Vincent deVita, director of Yale Cancer Center and former director of the National Cancer Institute wrote: We now know that the cause of more than 70% of malignancies may be due in some ways related to what we eat. Similarly Dr. Barry Boyd at Yale Cancer Center wrote: Nutrition, exercise and stress reduction are absolutely necessary to make your cancer treatment more effective and prevent cancer’s return. Again we ask you to read our blog to learn how cancer patients suffer after taking these “bad” food.

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Dr Daniel Kirsch wrote: If there were pharmaceutical products that could control people’s physical pains more than 90% of the time and were safe enough to use as often as necessary without causing any significant side effects … physicians would prescribe them often. What if there is something that could do all these things and so much more, but is not a drug? What if there is a treatment that is so safe it could be used daily to control pain and stress-related diseases? What if it is also so inexpensive that once purchased for a fraction of the cost of conventional care, it will cost almost nothing to use? There is. New forms of electro-medicine offer all this and more. Jeff Sutherland wrote: Frequency devices can change the medical paradigm as we know it.

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I am convinced that the best protection against the evil that lurks among us - and make no mistake that it lurks among us - is information. – Julian Whitaker

In my 12 years of helping cancer patients heal themselves, I become more convinced everyday that there is only one reason people die of cancer. It is lack of information. There is no more important message to learn and teach your loved ones than “… only you can heal yourself.” – Bill Henderson


Over the years dealing with cancer patients, it dawned on me that cancer is not just about a tumour in your breast, lung or liver. It is about you as a human being. There is this quotation: There is no incurable disease, only incurable people. – Chris K.H. Teo


The crux of your success is your realisation that health is your responsibility and you must do something for yourself if your desire to live. To do something means to institute changes in your life. Use your common sense and have the guts to act accordingly. Do not leave your fate in the hands of other people. Realize that it is your life. And your life is in your hands! Others can only help or experiment on you but ultimately you are the one who bears all the consequences – good or bad. – Chris K.H. Teo

The problem with our society is that we enjoy being ignorant. –Wilfred Gaban